University of Waterloo – Quantum Nano Center

University of Waterloo – Quantum Nano Center
Project Description
Project Completion Date:
August 2012
Project Location:
University of Waterloo – Quantum-Nano Center, Waterloo Ontario
Project Area:
2,100 sq. ft of a grass based system, and 12,000 sq. ft of a sedum based system.
Roof Structure Layers:
Vegetation, two layers of moisture retention fleece, drainage and filter, root barrier, and roof assembly.
Soil Information:
For the native grasses the soil is 12”, 30.5 cm depth, and for the sedum the soil is 6”, 15.2 cm depth.
Plant Material:
Maiden and Blue Oats Native Grass and Sedum mix
The roof is watered by an external sprinkling system as needed in the summer.
Provided by NLR and included as part of a 3 year warranty.
Project Highlights:
There is a deck overlooking the native green roof, which offers a beautiful view
Project Details
Client University of Waterloo - Quantum Nano Center
DateAugust 2012