Research in Motion – Northfield Drive

Research in Motion – Northfield Drive
Project Description
Project Completion Date:
June 2009
Project Highlights:
The first large scale Living Roof by RIM. Walkout patio from Cafeteria.
Project Location:
Research In Motion’s (RIM’s) new facility at Northfield and University in Waterloo, Ontario
Project Area:
9,300 sq. ft of flat roof and vegetation
Roof Structure Layers:
Hot Rubber Roof with Cap Sheet installed with inverted insulation by a certified roofing contractor. Protective root barrier, MODI 50 drainage board, Enkamat 7020 Air Layer and filter cloth.
Soil Information:
Nedlaw Living Roofs Sedum GroMedium, 6″, 15 cm depth
Plant Material:
NLR pre-grown Sedum mats
Establishment Watering the first week in mid June. The roof is watered by an external sprinkling system as needed in the summer.
Provided by NLR and included as part of a 2 year warranty.
Project Details
ClientResearch in Motion - Northfield Drive
DateJune 2009