City of Cambridge

City of Cambridge
Project Description
Project Completion Date:
Project Location:
Downtown Cambridge
Project Area:
1,600 sq. ft of flat roof and Sopranature Green
Roof Structure Layers:
Waterproof membrane manufactured by Soprema and installed with inverted insulation by a certified roofing contractor. Protective clear poly plastic layer, root barrier, Modi drainage board, and filter cloth.
Soil Information:
Sopraflor L, Sopraflor I
Plant Material:
Blue Grama, Little Blue Stem, Indian Grass, Baby Sun Tickseed, Black Eyed Susans, Sedum Sexangulare, and Alluim Schoenoprasum
Aquamat Jardin
Provided by NLR and included as part of a 2 year warranty.
Project Details
ClientCity of Cambridge