Roof Replacement

In roof replacement, there’s no substitute for experience.

No matter the system, no matter the installer, eventually a roof will need to be replaced. Proper maintenance is vitally important, but time and other factors, such as severe weather, will take its toll on any roof.

The job of replacing a roof is greatly influenced by many factors that don’t come into play when installing on new construction. NEDLAW Roofs understands this firsthand. We have extensive experience working on owner and tenant-occupied projects and working around existing construction and landscaping — achieving minimal disruption, while maintaining the highest quality.

On Roof Replacement projects we work closely with a team of professionals who all have a stake in the installation. We maintain close relationships with industry consultants and product manufacturers to ensure quality and installation specifications are maintained at all times and our customer is provided with best possible product.

  • Galleria Mall, London
  • Loblaws Warehouse, Mississauga
  • Robarts School, London
  • Bauer Lofts, Waterloo
  • Argo, New Hamburg
  • Holiday Inn, Kitchener
  • St. Mary's Hospital, Kitchener
  • Grand River Hospital, Kitchener
  • OLG Casino, Brantford
  • St. David’s Catholic School, Waterloo
  • Northfield and Weber Retail Plaza, Waterloo
  • Robarts School, London