In roof replacement, there’s no substitute for experience.

No matter the system, no matter the installer, eventually a roof will need to be replaced. Proper maintenance is vitally important, but time and other factors, such as severe weather, will take its toll on any roof.

The job of replacing a roof is greatly influenced by many factors that don’t come into play when installing on new construction. Nedlaw Roofs understands this firsthand. We have extensive experience working on owner and tenant-occupied projects and working around existing construction and landscaping — achieving minimal disruption, while maintaining the highest quality.

On Roof Replacement projects we work closely with a team of professionals who all have a stake in the installation. We maintain close relationships with industry consultants and product manufacturers to ensure quality and installation specifications are maintained at all times and our customer is provided with best possible product.


Start at the top. Choose the trusted roofing experts.

On new construction projects, Nedlaw Roofs has considerable experience acting as a subcontractor or prime contractor, where needed. At all times, however, we work together with other trades to achieve the common objective: owner satisfaction.

We are authorized applicators of all major roofing systems, including built-up, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO and PVC flat-roof systems, as well as various sloped-roof systems.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet stringent construction schedules, even on the most complex, multi-phased and heavily specified jobs. Our portfolio covers projects with a wide range of specifications and a large geographic area.


Making sense of roofs. Making wise choices.

Nedlaw Roofs is accomplished in the installation and maintenance of all major roofing systems. We appreciate that each system has its own advantages in different applications, structures and uses. We can help you select what best suits your need and customize as necessary.

The roofing industry is continually evolving and improving to address current day issues, trends and product improvements. Nedlaw prioritizes maintaining close relationships with our suppliers so as to always be aware of product improvements and more effective installation techniques. Our staff continually participates in upgrading their skills with our manufacturing partners to ensure we are up to date and effective with product selection and installation processes.

Flat roof systems have recently seen a shift to the use of ‘cold’ products including various self-adhering membranes and adhesives. Nedlaw embraces these new products and upgrades staff training to ensure quality is maintained with current techniques.

Leadership in Energy and Environment Design

Nedlaw flat-roof systems can be applied toward LEED points in several ways — from installation of white membranes resulting in heating and cooling cost reductions to installation of living roof systems resulting in storm-water management.


We make it right. We keep it right.

At Nedlaw Roofs, we believe our job is to ensure ongoing peace of mind. That’s why, in addition to installation, we also offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services.

At your service:
When problems arise or threaten, Nedlaw is there with at-the-ready, fully equipped teams. In addition to our eight productions crews and three sheet-metal crews, we have five service crews to handle multiple situations as needed. We also employ four dedicated office staff to field our 24-hour emergency response service. Typical repair and emergency calls include:

• leak repair
• waterproofing of new mechanical or other roof-top installations
• roof maintenance
• roof condition reports
• thermographic scans
• roof snow removal

Maintaining your investment:
Proper maintenance can extend the life of any roofing system — sometimes more than doubling its viable use. Neglecting to watch for defects and deterioration, however, can result in a roof’s premature failure and its costly replacement.

A proper roof maintenance program identifies simple problems, such as ridges, blisters, splits, open cones, stacks, plugged drains and damage from roof traffic. We strongly recommend preventative maintenance to identify potential problems early, when they are easier and less expensive to correct, and to ensure further damage does not occur.

Our maintenance plans consist of correcting problems, such as those listed above, clearing debris and conducting thorough inspections every spring and fall to identify early signs of deterioration and provide preventative solutions. We offer thermographic roof scans to help identify defects and wet insulation; and roof condition reports to assist in capital budget planning.

Understanding & documenting your needs:
On each service call, photographic documentation is completed and a service report is prepared for our customer. This provides our customer with a pictorial description of the work completed and a permanent document for their files.


There’s no roof we can’t do.

At Nedlaw Roofs, we pride ourselves on our wide range of roofing expertise. We are accomplished installers of not only every major flat roof system, conventional or otherwise, but also of various sloped-roof applications and building-envelope applications. Here is a sampling of some of the speciality installations and services we routinely offer:

• cedar shakes
• sloped metal roofing (both metal panels and metal shingles)
• slate roofing installations and repairs
• architectural shingles
• caulking and sealant installations
• custom copper installations
• insulation and waterproofing of ductwork
• custom siding and related trim
• below-grade waterproofing
• roof coatings and restorations
• custom copper work
• insulated and waterproof ductwork


We bring 30 years of workmanship excellence to residential roofing. At Nedlaw Roofs, we understand that we are protecting your home. It makes sense to guard your house with high quality roofing products that are installed correctly.
We provide:

  • Shingle replacement
  • Shingle repair
  • Mansard roofs
  • Skylights
  • Metal roofs
  • Slate roofs


Much more than a vertical plant wall, a Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilter is in a class of its own. Most green walls are designed for simplicity and aesthetics; in contrast, a Nedlaw biofilter is a working machine. Using Nature’s own science, our amazing biofilters remove pollutants from indoor air and return clean air to the building. As a significant fresh air source, our living wall biofilters save energy by reducing the amount of outside air that needs to be heated or cooled.

Learn more at


Our technology is backed by science, study and Mother Nature herself.

At Nedlaw, we stand by the design and installation quality of our systems. As on any roof system, protocols must be in place to eliminate the risk of leaks. On a living roof, weight and thickness present unique challenges. A typical Nedlaw living roof is like a seven-layer cake. Extensive and thorough testing and waterproofing is performed at each layer.

How to plant the perfect roof

Prior to installation, Nedlaw flood tests the existing roof and seals any cracks. Once the membrane has been installed, the drainage board is laid down to provide space for water collection and drainage.This serves the plants with needed moisture during periods of drought.

Next, the filter/retention layer is added to increase water retention and prevent loss of organic material to six inches. Finally the vegetation mat is put down, which prevents growth medium loss and provides instant roof greening with a wide variety of native plant species.

Environmental benefits:

  • Reduce the cooling load of a building by fifty to ninety percent in summer.
  • Reduce and purify stormwater runoff significantly.
  • Reduce smog and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Economic benefits:

  • Dramatically extend a roof’s lifespan.
  • Decrease the need for costly repairs.
  • Increase real estate values by adding green space.

Social benefits:

  • Increase living space by replacing a stark rooftop with a park-like green space.
  • Brighten the mood by bringing foliage and flowers to a building.
  • And to top if off, they look great!