Service & Repair

We make it right. We keep it right.

At NEDLAW Roofs, we believe our job is to ensure ongoing peace of mind. That’s why, in addition to installation, we also offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services.

At your service:
When problems arise or threaten, NEDLAW is there with at-the-ready, fully equipped teams. In addition to our eight productions crews and three sheet-metal crews, we have five service crews to handle multiple situations as needed. We also employ four dedicated office staff to field our 24-hour emergency response service. Typical repair and emergency calls include:

• leak repair
• waterproofing of new mechanical or other roof-top installations
• roof maintenance
• roof condition reports
• thermographic scans
• roof snow removal

Maintaining your investment:
Proper maintenance can extend the life of any roofing system — sometimes more than doubling its viable use. Neglecting to watch for defects and deterioration, however, can result in a roof’s premature failure and its costly replacement.

A proper roof maintenance program identifies simple problems, such as ridges, blisters, splits, open cones, stacks, plugged drains and damage from roof traffic. We strongly recommend preventative maintenance to identify potential problems early, when they are easier and less expensive to correct, and to ensure further damage does not occur.

Our maintenance plans consist of correcting problems, such as those listed above, clearing debris and conducting thorough inspections every spring and fall to identify early signs of deterioration and provide preventative solutions. We offer thermographic roof scans to help identify defects and wet insulation; and roof condition reports to assist in capital budget planning.

Understanding & documenting your needs:
On each service call, photographic documentation is completed and a service report is prepared for our customer. This provides our customer with a pictorial description of the work completed and a permanent document for their files.